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Positivity can come in various forms. In many cases, affirmations that come from provocative art will force your mind to fill with powerful thoughts. The subconscious mind is the subtle mind, which controls all our patterns of thinking and patterns of behaviour. Messages accepted at this level become our belief. That’s what Affirmations are. For 5 days only, the Promethean Art Collective taking over the Art Number 23 Gallery to showcase over 20 pieces of brand new work about positive thinking. 12 visual, multidisciplinary artists picked affirmations that essentially counteract some of the most negative things they’ve heard, experienced, or been subjected to, as a means for self-empowerment and self-love. Exhibiting artists: Elika Bo John Gosnell Elisabeth Grosse Shireen Liane Anna Horeglad Özge Ates Ildiko Kmeth Holly Kloss Katrine Storebø Andy Whitson Sophie Meyer Justine Hounam