Shireen Liane is an American conceptual artist living in the UK.  Working across sculpture, video & performance, her practice inhabits the space between signifier & signified, using symbols and text. The Altered States Series began in 2016, during the presidential primary election cycle, as a comment on the decline in discourse. Since then, it has evolved to explore the yawning chasm between the ideals of a nation & the brutality of it's practice.

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L I Z I T A Standing out with her own strong style, Elisabeth Grosse aka Lizita is an artist and fashion designer, born in Meissen in Germany. Coming from a family of artists, Lizita loves to draw since her childhood. Her feature is the creation of portraits, illustrations and digital art. Her approach is based on emotions and sentiments, ignoring commerce, not following existing trends. Conversely her interest aims at creating original novelty whilst manifesting authenticity. The use of experimental and both manual and digital drawing techniques creates a multi-layered communication between her artworks, which bear witness to a high emotional expressiveness. Lizita represents a crossover of art and fashion, an interdependency between the archaic and the future

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John is a multi discplinary artists, based in London, Uk.

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Ozge Ates was born in Turkey where she studied Art at the Gazi University
ın Ankarra and at the Ebru Art Academy ın Ankarra, studying fine art and traditional Ottoman art. Focusing on expressionism with surrealism Ozge went on to have several successful exhibitions of her work in Ankara and İstanbul. Following this she became a member of GESAM, Turkey Fine Arts Association.
Wanting to expand her education in art and explore other avenues, Ozge traveled the UK to continue her career. In London she developed her particular style, concentrating on expressionism and surrealism, exhıbıtııng her work ın various galleries ın London. In London she has developed a loyal followıng and
always brings a crowd to any of her showings.
Continuing with her love for expressıonism and surreal art, Ozge enjoys working with other artist who ispire her continued development as an artist. Her desire is to help them in developing their work and travel to new places in order to continue her own exploration in the arts.

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Ildiko Kmeth is a London based contemporary visual artist specialised in painting and installation.
Her practice focus on what commonly goes unnoticed or hidden under the surface - density and isolation, togetherness and social alienation, conflict and resolution which is where her paintings start to come alive. The process is the prominent aspect of her work: a fair amount of layers are concealed underneath the surface of the finished oil painting, with only a small part of the past visible over hundreds of brushstrokes and glazes.

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Elika Bo is Lithuanian experimental visual artist, BA photography graduate currently living and practising in London, United Kingdom. Elika Bo is a member  of Promethean Art Collective. Her approach to lens based medium is different from what you usually find. Her unique style, of layering technique and scanning, to create abstract and painterly looking artwork has been nominated for Invention Award, back in 2018 by Pop My Mind, creative community. 
Elika Bo, has not only been showing her work at group exhibitions, art fairs, but also was selected to create work for Freemasons Hall, London, to celebrate 300 years of freemasonry with other guest artists. Her approach to finding unique pieces, artefacts, books, and jewellery at Freemasons Hall museum and library, helped her to create images, that filled Freemasons Hall, as a unique digital bridge, between the past and the future. With several shows in London, United Kingdom and within several shows across the United Kingdom, Elika has been open for interviews with several online platforms and galleries, explaining her practise as abstract and experimental. 
Elika Bo most artwork is based on identity research, nurture vs. Nature debate. Often, she uses real people stories, to recreate special, haunting moments or flashbacks, into almost tridimensional images, that give a feeling of a window.

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Anna Horeglad is a multi disciplined artist, based in London,UK. Currently a student at Marry Ward Centre.

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