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*INTERVIEW* with L I Z I T A about her artistic experience, pandemic and life in general 🔮

🌿Could you tell us more about your background? (As an artist)

My background lies in naturalistic drawing and my fashion studies later on. My mother used to be a porcelain painter in Meissen in Germany, where I was born. So were my grandmother and aunt from my father's side. Unfortunately, I have got not many contacts with relatives because of family circumstances. I was born in East Germany, but then we settled over to the West. It was difficult, and not easy at all, especially because of my parents, who were against the system. If someone knows about the history between the East and West of Germany, they will understand. Sometimes when I am getting confronted with subjects

of refugees, I hear about their experiences, I kind-of retrieve myself, it is like a throwback, and I think because that is how I felt in former times, after all, that is, how my family has been threatened when we settled in West Germany - like refugees, in the same country. How can A Country be so split up in 2 parts? It is hard to understand for people who haven't experienced it, as a child I experienced situations, and I had been confronted so many times with being strange, different, mostly because of my accent. But I don’t want to get carried away from that subject. It is another story…



When my mother noticed I've got a talent (so were my sisters) she showed me basics in drawing since I was little. I started to draw landscapes with pastels and naturalistic pencil drawings. Sometimes I had to paint pictures for birthdays for her friends, which I found a bit annoying from time to time. (Lol)

Later as a young teenager, I fell in love with the sound of Nirvana. I and my sister tried to draw the band’s portraits, with a pencil so many times. We had posters hanging up, and we were standing on the wall with a piece of paper, tracing Kurt Cobain’s portrait. Again and again. We were ob

sessed with the music, the way he looked and the rebel in him. I did identify with his brokenness and direction at that time.

I guess that was my first significant inspiration. I still have somewhere old portrait drawings, signed from the ’90s.

 My fashion design studies had been the main influence on my style today, I guess. I discovered my passion for creating designs digitally, which opened a completely new door for me.


🌿How would you describe your current practice?


My practice is a hybrid of creating drawings manually and digitally. Currently, I am painting a lot with acrylics and different paints. I even use textiles. I love to experiment and exploring techniques, unconventionally using materials. I am extremely, excited about using old existing things and upcycle them into art. For me, in art, there no borders, everything and anything can happen. There are no rules. No limits. I am in my own sphere when I create. I am in my element. I am free.


🌿How do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. I find inspiration in nature, where I feel I can reset and recharge as well as music. I love fashion photography, old black and white photographs, which inspires me. I do not feel, I need that much input . as I already have so many ideas in my head, which I need to bring out. I think that is more a problem for me. Sometimes I think I have too many ideas and fewer hands.


“Halo”, 37,5 x 50 x 0,5 cm, mixed media on cork.

🌿What is your routine during the current situation/lockdown?


I have currently created a lot of paintings, and the more I do, the more ideas for the following artworks are building on them. It is like a domino effect. Unfortunately, I have lost my job because of the pandemic so I have even more time for being creative! (Lol) I am currently trying to concentrate on a more minimalistic/ reduced style... It is a big challenge for me, as my works are usually quite full of details.

My latest paintings are about the exploration of new uncertain territory and the blurring of borders, as my mind often revolves around aspects regarding the universe, there is light, darkness, good and evil. The world is full of contrasts. Light comes with shadows and It is all-natural. I think everything is there in equal parts, and as the choice is ours. Sometimes the borders can be very close, closer than we think, sometimes there is just a little gap in between. My works are about that gap. Especially in times like this, we need to be extremely aware of what we choose in life and what we are standing for. I think we need to practice ourselves more in awareness and consciousness. I believe that everything in the universe is connected - somehow. Memories are not lost. The past, presence and future, I believe it is all there at the same time also there is no logical explanation...

“Haunted ?”, 50 x 70 x 2 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


🌿Could you tell us about current projects that You are working on?


As there are no galleries and exhibitions possible at the moment - hopefully soon again - I am working on the creation of a virtual exhibition as an alternative. I created some virtual spaces but I am also working on a virtual gallery with walkways including music, animated artworks and light settings. I’d love to explore more the 3-dimensional side of art such as motion or moving image. A combination of art, fashion and film - That’s my biggest vision at the moment. I would like to reach an audience not just on a visual level but rather also through other channels such as sound, space/ surrounding. I am curious and maybe sometimes I am too naive. I love to experiment with things in all its senses.


"The Hidden", mixed media on canvas. 76x110cm

🌿What do you consider your most important work so far and what projects did you enjoy the most so far?

I think all works I created are showing a stage of development in my life as a reflection or a story. It all has a kind of importance - or unimportance however you may take it. All works are part of a journey, bringing me to where I am right now.

I think the most exciting projects for me were an exhibition in Germany, which I did together with my sister, who is also an artist. My first solo show, which was organised through our Collective (especially John Gosnell) in the Paper and Cup Cafe has been a big achievement, which I am very proud and grateful for. I enjoy every project within our art group, I am honoured to be a part of it.


🌿Who are your favourite artists?


I have to admit I am not sure I have a favourite artist. I have always liked Toulouse Lautrec, but I can't explain why his pictures always had a certain fascination and attraction to me. I also like some of Impressionist and Surrealistic art but I wouldn’t describe them as my favourite. I am into niche art because there are some fashion illustrators and photographers I like. One of my favourites is the Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi. I adore his photographs! For me, they are both, modern and ancient at the same time. It is like poetry, a perfect symbiosis of fashion, art and aesthetics.


🌿What are your future goals?


Making a living from creating art and being self-sufficient.


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