• Elika Bo

"Playroom" - handmade latex installation. Exploring different senses with Anna Horeglad.

Anna Horeglad is a Polish-born multidisciplinary artist, who has been practising art in England for the last decade. Anna has been living in London, Uk for the last 16 years, and takes a lot of inspiration from her experience living in this city. She is well known, for working with multiple techniques and experimenting with new materials for her new projects. One of the Annas signature works, installation - P L A Y R O O M , was created by using homemade latex sheets and miniature sculptures made out of latex.

P L A Y R O O M- immersive sculpture - installation, has been created for the Promethean Art Collective show, at The Biscuit Factory, Art Number.23 Gallery back in 2019. Guests were able to touch it, smell it and walk into it. The sculpture looked magnificent in the mood-lit warehouse setting, enabling guests to explore their playfulness while trying to understand the personal effects of this installation. Ability ty to see, and recognizing objects within the installation, almost as human organs or human body parts, created an interesting illusion.

This work shows the out perfect mask and the inner twisted nature some of us own. What is our mind capable of? Anna Horeglad commented - "We show masks to the world a facade of our actual selves, most of us have an inner dialogue a voice that tells us things distorted contorted ugly fragility".


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